Lee Chatfield is focused on protecting hard-working families, taxpayers, seniors and job providers of Northern Michigan who are being hurt by politicians and failed policies of the past. Lee listens and you always know where he stands on the issues that matter.
Fighting for jobs

Lee's #1 priority is ending job-killing policies and taxes and replacing with solutions that create better-paying jobs. We need to have an economy in Northern Michigan that allows people to live, work and raise a family here.


We must also equip high schools, community colleges and tech centers with skilled trades training programs that prepare workers for today’s new careers.

Forcing government to be open & honest

Lee is leading the effort to make government accountable by opening public access to records of the governor and Legislature.

Michigan is one of only two states that exempts the Legislature and governor from open records laws. We claim to have government of the people, by the people and for the people, and it’s about time that we make government more transparent and accountable to the people.

Making car insurance affordable

Lee fought to fix the rigged system that has forced the people of our state to pay the highest car insurance rates in the nation for too long. Now Michigan drivers will have real choices and guaranteed rate reductions, even if you decide to keep unlimited coverage. We’ve already seen the beginning of these reforms take effect with the 55% drop in the annual MCCA fee, and the majority of reductions will begin in July 2020.

Prioritizing spending and reducing debt

Lee’s first bill to pass the House of Representatives prevented the extension of billions of dollars in corporate tax credits that we can’t afford, and he also fought and ended millions of dollars in failed film subsidies that occurred every year in Michigan since 2008.

As a result of Lee's leadership, state government spending is prioritized better than previous budgets, and Michigan has led the nation in debt reduction - reducing our state debt by more than $2.5 billion. Burdening our children and grandchildren with debt is irresponsible. It’s time we take care of their future!

Reforming criminal justice 


Civil Asset Forfeiture: Lee fought to ensure that no one can have their property seized by the government unless there’s been a conviction. This is an important win for freedom and individual liberty. 


Raise the Age: Judges now have the choice to either treat a 17 year old as an adult or a minor, depending on the offense. Before, they simply had to sentence them as an adult. But once a minor enters the system as an adult, it only reinforces the poor behavior that landed them into trouble in the first place. 


Expungement: After a number of years following some smaller crimes with good behavior, the offense can be ‘expunged’ from a person's record. This will eliminate a large barrier for many people finding work, providing for their families and staying out of trouble. Additionally, this helps prevent over criminalizing citizens and providing real opportunities for those who are preparing to re-enter our society. 

Protecting natural resources and lakes

Because our way of life in Northern Michigan is largely dependent upon natural resources and the Great Lakes, Lee believes we must use proven scientific methods to protect our environment.


Lee is an outspoken advocate in safeguarding outdoor recreation and hunting rights, and he is leading the effort in the Legislature to increase transparency for pipeline operators.

Protecting taxpayers

Lee fights to keep taxes and fees low in order to increase household income and help hard-working families get ahead.

He said no to the governor's 45-cent gas tax hike, and also passed a budget that balanced without the governor’s proposed job-killing small business tax hike or any new fees. Lee is also leading the charge to ensure that every penny paid in taxes at the pump is a penny that goes towards fixing our roads.


Taxpayers deserve leaders who will prioritize spending and not treat them like ATM machines!

Strengthening education

Lee co-sponsored a bill to repeal Common Core because he believes standards should be controlled by parents and local school districts – not by bureaucrats in Washington or Lansing.


He has also fought for and secured more funding equity for Northern Michigan schools while supporting increased skilled trades opportunities to ensure students have the tools they need to succeed.

Eliminating driver responsibility fees

Lee worked to eliminate Michigan’s misguided and ineffective driver responsibility fees. The fees were imposed by politicians years ago to help fill a hole they created in the state budget.


It was well past time to end this mistake and help people get back to work. The reform has had an immediate, and life-changing, effect on so many families. Not only did it lift the burden of paying these senseless fees that were conceived by a past administration looking for a quick fix to their overspending, it also enabled people to regain driving privileges and improve their quality of life.

Defending our shared values

Lee is a leader in the fight to protect life and defend our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Lee is not only a strong advocate for changing policy to protect the unborn, he is an effective voice for changing hearts and minds, and his leadership is helping save lives.

Lee has also sponsored numerous bills in the Legislature to preserve 2nd Amendment gun rights. 

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